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You are more than just a smiling face.

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You are more than just a smiling face.
Dr. Harold Jennings DMD Dental Office

Hi, I'm Dr. Harold Jennings

If you are looking for high-quality, relationship-driven dental care, you have come to the right place.
Dentist Dr. Harold Jennings DMD

"I am a Greenville native who has owned my own solo practice since graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine. I pride myself in the fact that I have many patients who I treated as children that now trust me with the care of their own families. This is the kind of rapport that I build with each of my patients. In today's world of large group dental practices, I value creating lasting, one-on-one relationships. The needs of my patients always come first.

My years of experience have taught me which dental practices lead to long-term health, and I strive to apply these in my work every day. I keep my office up-to-date with cutting-edge dental technology so that my patients will always receive the best treatment and care possible. It is my perfectionism and artistry, however, that set my practice apart. When you come to me, you not only get beautiful teeth, but you get effective solutions and long-lasting results."

Our Patients Don't Dread Visits to the Dentist

Finest Dentist I Have Ever Known

I have been to dentists in both Columbia and Greenville through the years. Harold Jennings is the finest dentist I have ever known. Just as importantly, he genuinely cares about his patients. He takes care of my whole family. We wouldn't consider going to anyone else.


Our Services

Dental Chair Harold C Jennings DMD

Healthy teeth are beautiful teeth. However, we can enhance your smile through bleaching, bonding, veneers, and other dental procedures.


Whether it is fixing a cavity, a broken tooth, or a defective filling, Dr. Jennings will restore that beautiful smile you deserve.


Dr. Jennings is always available for emergency care. If you are in pain, we promise to get you in as soon as possible.


Preventative dentistry is the keystone of dental health. One of our primary roles is to  educate you on how to take care of your teeth.

We Specialize in Same-Day Crowns

"In my many years of dental practice, my Cerec crowns are by far the most aesthetic, strongest, long-lasting crowns I have ever done. Not all dentists have this technology, but I assure you everyone wants it."

- Dr. Harold Jennings

Unlike traditional metal and porcelain crowns, Cerec crowns fit precisely onto the tooth, eliminate darkness at the gum line, and can be done in one visit without the need to wear a temporary plastic crown. Schedule an appointment with us today and see what Cerec can do for you.


Repairing broken teeth

Restoring teeth with old, large silver fillings

Strengthening fractured teeth

Replacing unsightly porcelain and metal crowns with beautiful, ceramic restorations

Cerec Machine for Same-Day Crowns